How relevant is Direct Mail?

June 5, 2017 Russell Morris

Are you part of the 33% who find direct mail the most effective way to remember a product or service? How about the 79% of recipients who will act on direct mail immediately? If so, then no doubt you’re already aware that direct mail is far from dead.

“Advertising leads a horse to water; Direct Mail makes it drink.”

This statement captures one of Direct Mail’s core strengths in a nutshell, the ability to turn attention into interest and interest into action. Our relationship with advertising is fleeting, we have 30 seconds before our attention moves to the next ad and sometimes we are not paying attention at all!

TV, radio and press advertising are effective ways to get a simple message out to a large group of people. If you’re launching a new product to a mass market, advertising is a cost-effective way to get the attention of your audience quickly and build awareness for your brand. However, the challenge for advertising has always been how to communicate messages that are more complex, drive immediate action or target a discrete group of people. In the last decade, both online and offline media choices have mushroomed so there are more TV programmes, magazines, papers, supplements, websites than ever before with smaller audience shares. This fragmentation has presented more challenges for advertising.

Direct Mail helps us to bring innovative ideas to life that really grab the target audience’s attention in a fresh and innovative way - and the interactivity it commands is something digital marketing can never achieve.

Another important aspect we use direct mail marketing for is that we can attain information about our customers, for example where they are in their customer purchasing cycle and how interested they are in the services and products we distribute.

In our experience, recipients of our direct mail campaigns are more likely to read it in preference to electronic mail.

There is also increasing concerns of secure sites and blocking imagery from emails. This leads to the audience not recognising the email address the communication has been sent from and they are more likely to delete the email, or if they do click into your marketing email if there are image blockers in their network the email campaigns lose their visual effectiveness.

Even though there is a trend forcing on social media marketing and email marketing, we believe it is important to maintain all aspects of marketing be it traditional and new age.

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